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Just Keep Going…

Ali Hale serves as an inspiration for today.  She’s the guest writer for Men with Pens under the post, How to Improve Your Writing.   Ali suggested that the best way to improve as a writer is to keep writing.  As any writer, I’m going through a dry spell.  Musing over the keyboard, wondering what witty post I have for the day, fumbling over ideas, start pushing buttons on the keyboard, then resign in disbelief that nothing — no inspiration for the day.Writer

Writing everyday, consistently, and inspired is such a huge challenge.  Especially when you often suppress your inner voice because “I think this is what my readers want to read but am I writing it well enough to keep them reading?.”  I have to try an advice from Chris Mower.  He said,

” Years ago when I first started writing, I had a hard time knowing what to write or even how to portray that writing on paper with my voice. I was afraid of what other people would think (even in my personal, triple-password protected journal I was destructively careful).

I finally broke that chain when I forced myself to write down my thoughts: the good, the bad, the ugly, the sinful, the religious, and the downright embarrassing. I realized in that moment that I had a voice aching to break out.”

Ali also mentioned that a great writer must be a great reader.  Find stories or copies that inspires me as a reader would then have me wondering why I’m so captivated by the writer’s work.  In turn, I can find great tips and advice to help me get better.

Just Keep Going… what a great food-for-though for a Friday.



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What’s Funny About Vitamin Water

Ever looked at a bottle of water and feel yourself chuckling?  That’s exactly what happens when you read the labels on a Vitamin Water. The different array of colors and flavors do more than just attract a curious onlooker. Each bottle groups have their own set of funny anecdotes.

Even if there are numerous criticisms about the merits of how Vitamin Water truly helps a person, the copies in the labels keep customers coming back for more and trying different flavors.  Who wouldn’t want to smile once in while after reading the witty prints while enjoying a refreshing beverage?  As they say, laughter is an anecdote to a healthy lifestyle.

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Cupcake Vineyard Makes an Irresistible Copy

MmmmMmmmMmmmm… Who would have thought that a winery can produce such a delicious copy?  Or maybe that’s just an understatement. Scrumptious is a better fit.

With a name like Cupcake, Cupcake Vineyard found more than just the attention coming from their name.  A wine lover (or casual taster) can find their mouth watering just by reading the labels on the wine bottles.  The winery offers 9 different flavors.  All of which have 9 different tantalizing copies.

Read these examples and see for yourself…

Wine Glass Merlot
With smooth and supple tannins this is a soft, silky Merlot shows bright cherries followed by  espresso mingling into a plush, silky mocha finish.

Sauvignon Blanc
Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc comes from the cool Marlborough valley of New Zealand. Here the  grapes mature slowly, giving them complexity and a vibrant zing, reminiscent of your grandma’s  lemon chiffon cupcake. The flavors are integrated, delighting the senses with Meyer lemons, Key  limes and a finish that awakens the appetite. This wine pairs well with oysters on a half shell or with a rich and succulent Lobster Risotto.

Petite Sirah
Petite Sirah is big flavorful red wine that has deep Californian roots, but is neither Petite, nor Syrah like. Our Petite Sirah is comes from the Central Coast whose cooler weather allows the berries to develop soft fruit without the harsh tannins that sometimes accompany these little berries. This wine starts with aromas of boysenberry and blueberries, then evolving into flavors of spice accentuated by rich dark chocolate. With a creamy, rich body, this wine finishes in a long and soft manner. Pair with juicy pork tenderloin with a Petite Sirah reduction.

Now let’s be honest.  After just reading those descriptions, your head is exploding with imagination from the first smell of the wine to the taste in your mouth and finally sliding down your throat.  One word can describe it: sinful.  And yet so delightful.

It’s time to take take those wine glasses out and toast to an irresistible copy.

Check out Cupcake Vineyard – http://www.cupcakevineyard.com/

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