My name is Janice Dy.  I’m a freelance copywriter.

Still green to the copywriting world, I made it my priority to search for as many resources as I can about copywriting.  I am looking for samples of great copies, books, websites, blogs, and anything and everything about copywriting.  Unfortunately, the internet itself is crammed with useless junk of how to make a quick buck in the industry.  It is more than enough to make someone run in the opposite direction.  But I believe that with perseverance, the love of writing, ethics, and great business sense would make anyone succeed in copywriting.

That’s why I made this blog.  I’m using it to compile useful resources that I come across.  I hope it would help out a fellow copywriter.  But alas, if it doesn’t… at least it would be my very own little library.

To all my readers, welcome… feel free to drop my an email to let me know if there’s anything you want me to research for you.